Chanel Advent Calendar 2021 Details

There seems to be more luxury advent calendars every year and this year Chanel is joining the fun. While this is sold out, I do keep seeing influencers receiving them so I do wonder if they still have some available possibly in stores. I still wanted to share the details regardless as this advent calendar is so expensive.

Chanel Advent Calendar 2021

Photo Credit: Chanel 

The Chanel ‘The Calendar’ Advent Calendar retails for a huge £610 and sold out extremely fast. The packaging is stunning and the calendar itself is in the shape of one of their iconic perfume bottles. Inside the advent calendar are 27 boxes numbered from five to 27 and each of these boxes either contains a full-size fragrance, makeup product, a miniature product or another surprise. The website does state that these were ultra-limited so if you managed to get your hands on one, please let me know! 

Included in the advent calendar is:

- Miniature bottle of  No.5 Parfum 
- A Tree Ornament 
- Hand Cream 50ml
- A Pouch 
- Keyboard Stickers
- Snow Globe
- Red Lipstick Minature
- The Perfumeable Ceramic
- Full Size Nail Polish
- Ministure Bottle of No.5 L’eau
- Magnetic Bookmark
- Ceramic Bracelet
- 3 Piece Sticker Set
- Full size Rouge Allure No.5 Independante
- No.5 Key Ring
- A Mirror
- 3D Sticker
- Another Key Ring
- An Animated Flipbook
- Full Size No.5 Eau de Parfum
- Another Bookmark
- Bath Soap
- 3x Embriodered Stickers
- A Pin
- Body Cream 
- A Bracelet 

The price of this advent calendar to me is bonkers. Especially considering that there is a lot of stickers included in it. But regardless it is sold out already!