Glossier Monochrome Eyeshadow Trios

This week, Glossier launched a brand new product with the Monochromes. These are the first powder eyeshadows from the brand. The shades have been inspired by colours found in nature with Vegan formulas. Glossier Monochrome Eyeshadow TriosPhoto Credit: Stylist

The Monochromes are available in ten shades and each one is a refillable eyeshadow trio in three essential finishes. So when you find your signature shade, you have options! I really like the idea behind this as I like to switch between different formulas and I often wish I had my favourite shades in different finishes. Monochromes are £19 each but as they are refillable, you can repurchase the insert for £16 if you don't want or need the outer packaging. The ten shades available are: 

- Clay: a rich terracotta
- Bluff: a pale peachy pink
- Heather: a neutral rose 
- Mist: a cool lilac
- Jute: a soft taupe
- Almond: a rosy brown
- Prairie: a rich olive
- Rosin: a golden yellow
- Mesa: a warm orange
- Teak: a warm chocolate brown

If you are unsure which colours will work best for your skin tone, you are able to click 'find your shade' on the product listing and it shows the product in use on different skin tones. The three finishes your selected shade will come in are matte, satin and metallic. You can use them individually or together that would create a gorgeous eyeshadow look. As Glossier is more of a natural finish and lighter pigmented makeup brand, I wouldn't expect these to be incredibly pigmented but they do claim to be buildable. These could be great for every day makeup looks. 

These eyeshadows have been formulated with talc, natural mica and fragrance. They are suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.